About Us

“We will open in Summer 2024.”

Our Mission

The Early Learners Preparatory Academy II celebrates the uniqueness of each child as a creation of God and strives to help children know and feel that God loves and cares for them. This is re-enforced through a nurturing environment that continually seeks to meet the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of your child.

Who are we?

We are committed to providing quality early childhood care and education to children six weeks through the age of 13 at an affordable price to our community.

We are proud to have such a caring and loving staff. Some of our staff have been a part of the childcare industry for years. These long tenures are great assets to our Academy and a testament to the staff members’ commitment and dedication to the children and their families. Our staff, a mix of both degreed and experienced professionals have been carefully selected to provide the best possible growth experiences for your child. The curriculum is carried out by creative, caring teachers with a low teacher student ratio that fulfill the needs of your young scholar.

Daily lunch is planned by a qualified cook to meet the recommended daily dietary allowance for a growing child including foods from all four of the basic food groups. Also served each day are nutritious morning and afternoon snacks.
*All staff members are trained in CPR, First Aid, Child Abuse Prevention and Management of Communicable Diseases.*

Curriculum Philosophy

Childhood is composed of a series of developmental stages through which children acquire the competencies they need to deal with the changing demands of life. The curriculum of the Early Learners Preparatory Academy II is based on the developmental approach to education. All dimensions of a child’s development–social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual are interrelated. Each must be nurtured with developmentally appropriate experiences.
We believe that play is the primary vehicle for self-discovery and learning at the preschool level because all developmental aspects are enhanced through play. The teachers plan an enriching environment that challenges, but does not frustrate the young learner. Play is “children’s work”. Piaget described young children as “miniature scientists”, meaning that they continually experiment with different aspects of the materials they encounter and through this experimenting (playing) they develop their own understanding of the world. The teacher creates an environment conducive to learning and then guides, supports, and helps children learn how to solve problems.
Early Learners Preparatory Academy II is involved with many programs to enrich student life and teachers education.