Early Learners
Preparatory Academy II

Children for every family!

Our affordable year-round curriculum includes learning stations and motivational activities that build important foundations for future reading and other academic skills that are provided. We offer a 10% reduced tuition for those who meet the income standard of the Georgia Child and Adult Care Food Program.


“‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to express how much we appreciate and treasure our time with you and the staff at Early Learners Preparatory Academy II. You have cared for and helped shape each of our children in a unique and special way, beyond what we could have hoped for. They each were prepared for their next stage because of your love, guidance and daily encouragement … You have been a constant daily teacher and in the background (as you can see in many pictures) to help them become independent thinkers and explores of their world!”
“My son attended preschool here. The teachers are all highly educated, caring and loving towards the children. My son loved his teachers and was always happy to go to school. You can’t put a price on not working about your child when you are gone! Aside from the wonderful, loving, christian atmosphere, the academics are amazing. My son was well prepared for kindergarten. I would recommend this school to anyone.”
“They say “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, you and the team at Early Learners Preparatory Academy II have been our village, our tribe, our family, our people… and you will FOREVER have a warm place in our hearts. We truly could not have raised such wonderful little people without you!”
“It takes such big hearts to teach little minds! Your patience, kindness, love, and wisdom are appreciated far more than you know. We are so grateful for the wonderful role you have all played in [student]’s learning adventures. She will surely not forget all of the magic of her first school, teachers, and friends. We are so grateful for all of you!”
“All the work that goes into running a center, is worth it when parents know their little ones are safe and loved. Thank you for giving us one of the best gifts.”
“Thank you for welcoming me with open arms to this school! I love being here!”

We fill our days with fun and learning!

Our schedule is filled with educational learning, art activities, biblical teachings, guest speakers, field trips, large motor development, smiles, and SO MUCH MORE!